About Heal the Leader (TM)

Let’s face it, college and graduate school psychology and management courses leave leaders ill-prepared for leading people. A lot of models and theories are shared and quickly forgotten because humans are COMPLEX.

A lot of the time, we can’t explain why we do the things we do, much less why someone else did what they did!

Heal the Leader(TM) looks at how leaders can become the one EVERYONE wants to work for and recreate work so that it works for everyone not just a few. Along the way, you’ll learn the things that your college courses didn’t teach you about how human behavior actually works and why you do the things you do.

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Everything Pysch 101 and Management 101-MBA didn't teach you about motivation and leadership


Nancy Harrity
I share the powerful tools I used to defuse my heal my unacknowledged hurts and triggers and change my story to help change makers defuse their hidden triggers and become better leaders by changing the stories they tell themselves and others.